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Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer | Thermal Pipe Expansion

Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer | Thermal Pipe Expansion

Bri-Steel Manufacturing is a state of the art facility that produces Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe in Canada. Bri-Steel is capable of producing pipe sizes ranging from Outside Diameters of 16 through 36 inches, and Wall Thicknesses up to 2.343 inches in CSA,ASTM,ASME and API specifications.

Bri-Steel produces their pipes by a process called Thermal Pipe Expansion or "TPE". This process is performed by using an engineered-size mother tube, heating it to 900deg C by induction heating, and pushing it over a controlled ID mandrel to expand the pipe to a piping size. After that, it is tested and finished to all major industry specifications.

Consistency. Reliability. Excellent Workmanship.

We are committed to the manufacture of steel pipe that meets our customer's requirements and all applicable industry standards. By building lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients, and by continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system, we will continually improve our product's consistency, reliability and workmanship.


Just like your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant comes to your table just as good as the last time you ordered it, Bri-Steel products will arrive at your site with properties that are similar to the pipe that arrived on your last order. We believe that customers like product that is consistently good. Therefore, the Bri-Steel team works to continually reduce variations in our product.


Ultimately, our piping product must withstand the operating pressure and corrosion/erosion that is imposed upon it by the end users. Each heat of pipe is tested by destructive testing (for strength, toughness, hardness and alloy content) and non-destructive testing (visual, ultrasonics and hydrostatic testing) to ensure that the pipe meets the requirements of the applicable specifications. When end-users design their piping systems in accordance with these same specifications, we can all be assured that the pipes will be reliable in that service.

Excellent Workmanship.

We are proud to produce pipe that looks good! Our pipe has a durable coating, with clear and legible stencils, which are both designed to retain traceability of the product for years. Bri-Steel strives to achieve very tight tolerance on straightness, with smooth and safe bevels to make the fitters job easier.

Non-Traditional Manufacturing

Traditional Manufacturing will produce pipe at speeds far greater than installation times, thus causing the need for additional handling, freight, marshaling yards, and sometimes reconditioning if installation delays occur.

With Bri-Steel Manufacturing, we can custom tailor a manufacturing program to produce at speeds and quantities to match your installation time. When the product comes off our production line it can be delivered directly to the installation site, eliminating these additional costs and saving the customer $$$!

No Minimum Order Quantities

Our Boutique style mill at Bri-Steel Manufacturing gives companies the ability to do short run purchases of pipe and order additional quantities as needed. There is no longer a need for customers to purchase extra pipe to meet minimum order requirements. This allows for better management of funds.

Inventory Control Solutions

We understand that inventory management is something that is difficult to perfect. We have developed numerous plans to help reduce our distributors' stock-out levels to almost zero. Our custom tailored inventory programs are designed to suit your requirements; whether as a strictly price driven scenario or a full inventory management and distribution program.

Turn to Bri-Steel for all of your Steel Pipe needs...